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Digest-able TESOL secondary research at your fingertips

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“TESOLgraphics strives to create a platform where researchers and teachers work together to achieve the common goal of student learning. Our philosophy is that researchers and teachers are equipped with different professional knowledge and experience that can serve compensatory roles in bi-directional, mutually-beneficial, and productive collaboration.”

This site is dedicated to teachers in the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) industry who are interested in evidence-based language teaching and learning practices.

This project focuses on secondary research in TESOL. We aim to make secondary research easy to read and understand to ESL, EFL, EAP, ESP, ESOL, EAL, TEFL teachers. We do so by producing infographic summaries of selected secondary research which you can finish reading in 5 minutes. 

Secondary research

TESOLgraphics project focuses on producing infographic summaries of secondary research in Applied Linguistics and TESOL. 

​Secondary research, or research synthesis, refers to academic publications which summarise research findings from numerous (ranging from a dozen to many more) primary studies on the same topic. Secondary research is useful to TESOL practitioners who want to catch a glimpse of the latest development of research.

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This is a great site where ELL teachers can learn the latest research on teaching English Language Learners - and its presented in accessible infographic form! 
~ Larry Ferlazzo, High school teacher, Author or Editor of 13 books, Education Week teacher advice columnist, Sacramento, USA
Such a useful initiative and a great resource for in-service and pre-service teachers and teacher educators.
~ Prof. Judit Kormos, Lancaster University
Absolutely love your infographics. It's exactly what ELT needs. 
~ Emily Bryson, ESOL Lecturer, Glasgow
So excited that TESOLgraphics is now on Twitter! If you haven’t checked out this amazing resource, that is your homework assignment this weekend in snowy CT! 
~ Connecticut TESOL

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